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4 More London Riverside

Specialised Steelwork / 4 More London Riverside

4 More London Riverside occupies a prominent location within the More London development with panoramic views over the Thames & Tower Bridge. The scope of works for this phase of the More London project was 3 No. 9 & 10 storey (72 Flights) core stair balustrades and wall rails to existing steel carcass’s. The key to this slender design of flat bar posts, round bar infills & CHS handrail stair balustrade was the concealed connections & fixings.

The balustrade posts were mounted end on to the side of the stringers with countersunk bolts. The bolts passed from the stringer into tapped holes into the sides of the posts ensuring no visible bolt heads or nuts protrude from the stair or balustrade. The handrails & infill rails were drawn with internal spigots & spring pins respectively providing no visible connections other than a dry joint. Finally, all connections from the handrail & infill rails back to the posts were concealed. This was achieved by returning the rails & handrail stems into machined holes in the ends of the posts and fixing from the sides by grub screws pinning the items in place. This ensured all that was visible were tiny screw heads and dry joints between items.

Our team’s experience with 2D AutoCAD ensured that we were able to provide detail drawings of each of these connections so that our client could be assured there would be minimal connection details visible on site.


January 23, 2006