Specialised Steelwork

BBC Broadcasting House London

Specialised Steelwork / BBC Broadcasting House London

During the major refurbishment and extension of the BBC’s Broadcasting House in London we were asked to supply 4 No. core stair balustrades. Two of the stair balustrades were mounted to an existing concrete stair and the other stair carcass’s were in steel and were detailed by our team.

The balustrade consisted of flat bar posts with infill rails clamped around machined blocks for both the connections to the carcass and for the handrail stem. The handrail stems were pre-welded to the handrails. This resulted in everything having to be drawn, fabricated & installed with extreme accuracy given the minimal tolerance in the client’s design.

The carcass’s were made up from flat bar stringers with pressed treads that were all welded into flight assemblies which then mounted on to beams that spanned the concrete core.  The carcass’s were pre-drilled in the workshop for the balustrade to bolt in at a later date.


April 23, 2009