Specialised Steelwork

Rushmon Homes Surbiton Point Surrey

Specialised Steelwork / Rushmon Homes Surbiton Point Surrey

Surbiton Point, Ellerton Road is another example in the current trend of multi-use buildings. Our Design Team produced drawings for the entire architectural metalwork package to the flats above the ground floor supermarket and our scope of works included:

  • Various shapes & sizes of cantilevered balconies.
  • Terrace Balustrades
  • Brise Soleil
  • Internal stair balustrades

A challenge with the metalwork on this contract was at the upper level where the terrace balustrade and the balcony balustrade were continuous as one. To overcome this the terrace balustrade was drawn accurately to a site survey in conjunction with the balcony balustrade with as much tolerance designed in as possible.


May 23, 2015