Specialised Steelwork

US Embassy London

Specialised Steelwork / US Embassy London

The US Embassy is one of London’s most high-profile projects in recent years. In this contract the focus was on folded sheet metalwork & architectural cladding for various areas both in the main and the perimeter buildings

Our Scope of works included:

  • Laser profiled ‘leaf’ designs to single storey cladding panels that were mounted on to mullions inside the perimeter buildings and on external vehicle gates.
  • Roof soffits & column cladding to the top of 2 No. internal stair cores.
  • Fascia/cladding panels to communal areas across multiple levels within the main building.

Each area provided its own unique challenges such as providing accurate profile drawings with hundreds of laser cut leaf shaped holes in each decorative cladding panel. The stair soffit panels had to be individually removeable yet appear seamless when viewed from below. The soffit panels could not be screwed directly to a concrete roof therefore an intricate hanging system had to be created to hang the soffit panels from existing beams.

The internal area cladding also had to be both easily mounted to the existing walls, provide a seamless & high-quality finish but also be de-mountable in case of future damage.  To overcome this, we modelled a hook & ride system whilst still ensuring the complex folded panels neatly interacted with the adjacent panels and provided neat cut-outs for existing items such as water fountains & fire extinguishers.


November 23, 2015